Brand New Day

Listen to a new song I wrote this week: "Brand New Day"

I used to write music in my younger days, but it’s been years. I’m not sure how or why but I was inspired the other day to write a song again! Here’s “Brand New Day”


I’ve never been the kind of girl
To make you turn your head
Humming down the sidewalk,
Dancing feet like lead.
The frost-filled winter morning comes
And wakes me from my bed, singing:

Hey yeah, reach and touch the sunrise
Hey yeah, throw your cares away
Hey yeah, see yourself in God’s eyes
Hey yeah, it’s a brand new day

And when the night is closing in
And lonely as before
And everyone around you seems
As if they’re keeping score,
There’s one place you can turn and know
You’re loved forevermore, singing:


There’s nowhere you can go to be beyond the reach of love
There’s nowhere you can run to be forsaken
And when you feel as if there’s no one watching from above
Remember now this promise that I’m making:

You don’t have to be the kind of girl
Who makes you turn your head
Who you are is quite enough,
That’s what God has said.
The hope you have inside you is what
Raises up the dead, singing:


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