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Get your spiritual, relational, and theological questions answered—well, okay, discussed—on Gina Colvin's podcast, A Thoughtful Faith.

(Warning: you get what you pay for)

Are you in a mixed-faith marriage? Dealing with grief, anger, or confusion as you’re in the throes of a faith crisis? How should you deal with ward members if you aren’t yet ready to be totally upfront about your doubts? Who or what is God anyway—if he/she/it/they even exists at all?

And seriously…is there any way to make coffee so that it tastes good? (This one is easy: yes. We can help.)

Katie Langston and Gina Colvin are here to take your anonymous questions and provide you with light-hearted yet sincere advice for Mormons who have spiritual, theological, and relational conundrums due to a faith transition. We don’t claim to have definitive answers, but you can be sure our responses will come from a place of care, theological reflection, experience, and, let’s be real, our own baggage. (Informed consent, you know?)

Submit your question in the form below, and we’ll do our best to answer it during an upcoming spiritual advice episode on Gina’s popular podcast, A Thoughtful Faith.

Meet Your Interlocutors

Gina Colvin

Dr Gina Colvin engages conversations about the spiritual and religious life on the other side of extreme orthodoxy. She is New Zealand Māori who grew up Mormon. She currently worships locally with the Anglican Church and internationally with Community of Christ, where she is an ordained elder. Gina and her Mormon husband Nathan are the parents of one agnostic, one practising pentecostal, and four mostly-Anglican-periodically-Community-of-Christ-but-sometimes-Mormon sons who quite like Buddhism.

Katie Langston

Katie Langston is the director of digital strategy for Luther Seminary’s innovation team and moonlights as a Lutheran pastor-in-training. She’s in her final year of seminary (the real kind, yeah, I said it) and has as many questions now as when she started, except it feels like they’re better questions now. She grew up Mormon in Cache Valley, Utah, and remains happily married to her Mormon husband, raising Mormon(ish) daughters, while railing strenuously and publicly against the abuses of worthiness interviews.