Meet Katie

Katie Langston is a doubter by nature and a believer by grace. She grew up Mormon in Cache Valley, Utah, and still isn’t sure she fits in anywhere sophisticated enough to have a Target.

Katie converted to orthodox (little “o”) Christianity after a profound experience with God’s grace over a decade ago. She spent several years trying to make Mormon teaching fit a grace-based worldview, only to discover they weren’t particularly compatible. After a long period of discernment, she was baptized on October 7, 2017.

Katie is a writer, preacher, evangelist, and digital communications specialist. She’s the Director of Digital Strategy for Luther Seminary’s innovation department, where she oversees digital projects aimed a cultivating vibrant Christian spirituality in a post-modern, post-Christian cultural context. She writes and speaks to Christian audiences about Mormonism and to Mormon audiences about Christianity, and is a popular blogger, podcaster, and presenter. She is ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and serves as Pastor of Mission and Outreach at New Promise Lutheran Church in St. George, Utah.

In her spare time, Katie enjoys spending time with her friends and family, taking day trips, cheering on the Minnesota Lynx and the Utah Jazz, and watching the handful of television programs she can’t live without.